The main aim of Karnataka Judicial Academy is to provide an opportunity to the Judicial Officers of the State to develop their personality which would go a long way in enhancing their performance and thereby, improving the quality of dispensation of justice.

 The four eminent qualities required for a Judge are:

i)  Independence, impartiality, integrity,  impeccable character, courage and commitment to the cause of justice;

ii)  Sound judgment based upon the knowledge of law;

iii)  Willingness to study all sides of an argument with an acceptable degree of openness; and

iv)  An ability to reach a firm conclusion and articulate clearly the reasons for the conclusion.

It is the vision of the Patron-in-Chief, President and the Board of Governors of the Academy that the Judicial Officers of our State should acquire all the above qualities needed to become good Judges. Every care is taken in this regard.