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Commencement of Training to Judges in Karnataka

The training of Judges of the district judiciary commenced for the first time in Karnataka in the year 1978 for fifty four officers. The then Registrar of the High Court of Karnataka was in charge of the training programme. Thereafter, necessity for training was pointed out in Paragraph 13.2 of Chapter XIII of the 77 th Report of the Law Commission.

Directorate of Training

The then Hon'ble Chief Justice of the Karnataka High Court, Hon'ble Sri. Justice V. S. Malimath conceptualized the idea of establishing an institution of a permanent nature. Under his Lordship's vision and foresight, the Directorate of Training was established on 20 th July, 1984 at Bengaluru, the capital city of Karnataka State.

Karnataka Judicial Academy

The Directorate of Training was superseded by the Karnataka Judicial Academy which was established by the Government of Karnataka vide order dated 28 th May 1999. The objective of the Karnataka Judicial Academy is imparting training to Judicial Officers and Officers of the State Government connected with the administration of Justice like Public Prosecutors, Police Officers, Child Welfare Department etc.